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Twitter Launches In-App Camera, Similar to Snapchat and Instagram

Twitter is much better at competing with Instagram and Snapchat. Earlier last month, it was reported that the social media giant Twitter working on a Snapchat-like ‘News Camera’ that would let you customize media and live streams. Now, after testing this feature from the last few months, American online news and social networking service rolling out its new integrated camera to both its Android and iOS mobile apps.

Twitter In App Camera Update

With this camera, you swipe left from the main screen to access it, and your photo or video can be made more annoying with overlaid text, hashtags etc. However, you’re not currently allowed to upload existing images to the new feature.  When posting from this new camera on Twitter, the tweet will appear with an enlarged photo or thumbnail and display the related text below it.

While not all users have received the new in-app camera feature on Twitter, the official account of the Twitter says this feature will “rolling out to all of you over the next few days”.

Those who have not received the update yet, the In-App Camera update is available on the latest version of Twitter. Go to your phone’s App Store or Play Store and simply update your Twitter. You will get it.