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Frustrated Google Pixel User Puts Up Anti-Google Posters In Delhi

What if you are not satisfied with the service of the company? The first idea that comes to mind is expressing anger on company’s social media page. What if you’re in a recent trend, but social media is not as fruitful as you thought it would be? There may be plenty of times where the solution you want isn’t being presented.

It is reasonable to expect that customer service questions get answered quickly. Haryana’s Manu Aggarwal purchased the Pixel smartphone in early 2017 and he faced some problems with the phone last year. As an ordinary person, he contacted the company’s customer service for repairs.

According to Manu Aggarwal’s tweet, his Pixel device was sent to Google’s after-sales customer service several times but always came back without a solution and he was totally unsatisfied with the service that provided by Google.

Aggarwal was disappointed with the poor service and went on Twitter to express his anger. Google contacted him with a promise of fixing the issue. However, the issue was never sorted out and despite repeated calls and messages to Google, the faults on his Pixel device persisted.
Aggarwal even uploaded screenshots of his conversations with the customer care executives on Twitter. Even he tagged Google CEO Sundar Pichai and Prime Minister Narendra Modi in most of his tweets to get attention so that his problems can be addressed fastly. When things didn’t turn out as expected, he decided to draw more attention to this issue.

Aggarwal went around placing banners that stripped off Google’s customer service reputation. The banners asked people not to consider Google products due to their faulty products and inefficient customer service. He even went on advise people to reduce their dependency on Google as a service. The banners were put up in noticeable places in Delhi like Connaught Place.

The banners even had a QR code that linked back to his tweet about the issue. He even placed a placard on his car slamming Google for poor service. He even made a detailed YouTube video on his issue with Google Pixel phone titled, “Revolution for All Gadget Problems – Case Study of Google Pixel Fraud”.

While the present state of Manu Aggarwal’s complaint is unknown, but it negatively effect the brand image of Google.