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Reliance Launches Jio Browser App for Android Users

Reliance Jio has released a new web browser for Android users. The new web browser is called “JioBrowser” and claims to be the first “Indian browser” that meets the needs of Indian users. The company also claims that the browser is easy to use, fast and light-weight. Interested users can visit the Google Play Store to download and install a new web browser.

However, before installing the browser, here are the list of features that are present on the JioBrowser. As per the Google Play Store listing, the company suggests that users can “experience some of the most engaging videos and latest news content every day. The browser comes with support for up to 8 regional Indian languages including Hindi, Gujarati, Marathi, Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam, Kannada, and Bengali. Users can customize the browser including its “Local News category” to get the latest news about everything that surrounds them.

The JioBrowser also has a dedicated news and videos suggestion pages to present content to users. The description adds that the JioBrowser comes with a smooth user experience for the “fastest browsing experience”. Other features include quick access page to jump to top websites on the Internet, private browsing with the help of Incognito mode, and the ability to share news or videos with your friends and family on social media. User can even customize the news feed by selecting the local News category of Jio Browser and get updated with the events happening in neighborhood.

In addition, the developers added the ability to manage downloaded files using a browser along with the history of visited pages. Reliance Jio also asking user feedback to improve user experience. User can give review or feedback about the JioBrowser from the comments section or via email. This application is currently not available on the Apple iOS platform. It is unclear whether Jio wants to launch the JioBrowser for iOS users.