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Most Hilarious Samsung Galaxy S10 Wallpapers Front Camera Hole

Ever since tech giant Apple launched the iPhone X with a notch, all smartphone makers rushed to copy the design and introduced the new phones with the notch. Later, few companies introduced smartphones with the waterdrop notch.

South Korean smartphone brand Samsung recently launched its new flagship Galaxy S10 series and the biggest change in the S10 series is the ‘Punch Hole’. Instead of squeezing the selfie camera into the notch design, Samsung avoided the camera notch with hole punch design. The new flagships Galaxy S10, Galaxy S10 Plus, and the S10e all have a camera in the top right on the screen.

Galaxy S10 Wallpapers Collections For Punch Hole

Many Samsung fans have created few wallpapers for Galaxy S10 series and they shared it in the Reddit. These innovative wallpapers for Galaxy S10 phones are pretty impressive and hilarious. Moreover, it even hides the single or double hole-punch.

If you are looking for wallpapers for the new Samsung Galaxy S10 to hide punch-hole, then you are in the right place.

Most Hilarious Samsung Galaxy S10 Wallpapers Front Camera Hole

The Galaxy S10 wallpapers that are published on the Reddit uses Galaxy S10+’s punch hole as Johnny 5’s double lens face, Kim Jong-Un’s binoculars or FuturuRama’s eyes. In another wallpaper, the editor has managed to fit in the camera bump of the iPhone XS Max into the S10’s cutout.

Not only for Galaxy S10. There is a collection of wallpapers for Samsung Galaxy S10, S10e which comes with single punch hole. For Galaxy S10, S10e the single punch-hole cutout is used as R2D2’s single eye, the ball in Jumpman’s logo, Stitch’s nose or one of Mickie Mouse’s ear.

Even though the Samsung ‘S10wallpapers’ community on Reddit was created just one week before, it already has 8,000+ subscribers. So, if you own a Galaxy S10, S10+ or S10e then go ahead and find a wallpaper for your smartphone.

Wallpapers for Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus

Wallpapers for Samsung Galaxy S10

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We hope, we can see wallpapers for Honor View 20 and Galaxy A8s smartphones that comes with a punch-hole display.