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New Samsung Patent Shows Off Smartphones that can be Connected Magnetically

Samsung’s foldable phones have been around the corner for years: we’ve seen plentyof patents, prototypes, and rumors. But now, the company seems to have switched to other model of smartphones. The company filed a patent with the World Intellectual Property Office (WIPO) in June 2018, which was released earlier this month that gives detailed information on the company’s plans.

Patents of the company shows the design of smartphones that allow another smartphone to connect with the magnet. This is not a folding smartphone and does not use a folding display, however its functionality is very similar.

The two parts are linked together by a cylindrical magnet running up the side of each housing. There are also two holder magnets in the corners of the opposite side of the cylindrical magnet so the device can be folded back on itself.

There’s a cylindrical magnet placed over the entire longitudinal axis of the device, which allows connecting two smartphones side by side, giving double-sized display surface. This device can also be connected to the back panel. With this arrangement, the user can use the main camera as a selfie shooter and the second block can be used as a viewfinder display. It has many functions and can be adjusted according to the settings.

However, Samsung has not yet released its flexible smartphone. While the company demonstrated the phone at its Developers Conference last month. According to few reports, company is expected to unveil this phone at CES 2019.

Samsung Electronics is preparing to release next-generation Galaxy S-series smartphones. It is expected that the Galaxy S10 will be released on 20th February, a week before Mobile World Congress (MWC 2019).