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Sample Photos Show Off the Honor View20’s 48MP Camera capabilities

Honor, a  child company of Huawei is prepping up to launch its massive 48MP camera smartphone on 01/22/19 in China. There are a lot of gossips on the upcoming smartphone camera and the different technologies used in it. The IMX 586 48MP camera featured in the phone will have a 0.8µm pixel size, 1/2 inch CMOS sensor, an F/1.8 aperture and is the world’s first 48MP+3D Camera. This incredible camera features more megapixels than that of DSLR Nikon D850 [45.4MP], Nikon D500 [20.9MP], and the Sony A7R II [42.3MP].

Honor View20 Butterfly Zoom

To be said the paparazzi of taking photos is going crazy these days. The first and foremost thing that everyone checking about the phone is camera features. So this HonorView 20 is all for those shutterbugs who crave to take shots. Are you the one who is excited to see what this gigantic camera phone will cater. The company itself shows off sample photos from the Honor View20 with a massive 48MP sensor. The camera can produce photos that are 8000×6000 pixels, that details each and every scene. Don’t you agree, You can try by downloading one of these images and zooming in to get a better idea of the size of these pictures.

Honor View20 Nightshot Zoom

The photos will tell you what is the advantage of having such a large image sensor. At every zoom, you’ll notice just how much detail is stored in these shots. The details are best seen with shots that are taken in bright daylight. Users can simply crop their image to get closer without losing out on important details.

Night shots


The below shot is taken at night mode and at night time. The only source of lighting is from street lights and buildings. The magic of detailing parts of the photo is also well seen in Low light mode photography.


Honor also took some photos of the stars at night. At the moment, The scene is wonderful with a meteor shower was taking place. These shots are taken from the real 48MP camera and set the ISO to 3200 with a 30-second exposure. These photos are some of the results from their photoshoot.



The Sample photos are great and are more impressive than a professional camera photo. As all these photos are may be taken in a suitable environment but we look forward to seeing more real images from Honor View 20 in different situations. This phone with world’s first 48-megapixel sensor camera will become a legend to all 2019 smartphones.