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How to Play YouTube Videos in Background on Android

No doubt, YouTube is a popular video and streaming platform, it also offers great music. However, one of the most annoying restrictions on YouTube is that when you switch to another screen or open an application on a device, the video that you are watching automatically pauses. To play video or music on background, you need to have a YouTube Premium subscription. Sadly, YouTube Premium is not available in all regions, moreover it’s a paid service. However, there are some ways to play YouTube videos in background.

So, here in this article we are going to share few methods to play YouTube videos in background on Android.

Third Party Apps to Play YouTube Videos in Background on Android


YouTube Vanced

YouTube Vanced is a new modded version of YouTube which contains a lot of features like Ad Blocking, Background Playback and many more. This Mod app is an advanced version of YouTube official Android app and it allow you watch videos without any annoying Ads. It’s totally ad-free version like Youtube ad blocker injected into the original app.

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Free Music for YouTube: Stream App for Android

Free Music for YouTube: Stream is one of the popular third party app that gives you access to all of YouTube music videos and lets you play them in a handy floating popup for a multitasking music listening experience. Yoh can search your favorite artists, create your own playlists, discover new music genres and browse the daily Top Charts of your country. No need to download your songs anymore. This app even has themes to customize the app.

Install Free Music for YouTube: Stream from here


Awesome Pop-up Video

Awesome Pop-up Video is another third-party app that can play the video in a pop-up window, floating above other applications, just like on your computer, a.k.a. “Picture in Picture” mode. Awesome Pop-up Video even has a Chromecast support, currently available for external videos. The key features of this app are pop-up themes & settings, ability to download videos and log more.


YouTube Premium(Paid)

As we mentioned, the YouTube Premium subscription is a paid service and you’ve to pay $11.99 per month for this service.

All of the old features from YouTube Red are here, including:

  • Ad-free videos
  • Play videos in the background
  • Download videos for offline use
  • Access to all YouTube Originals content

Along with above highlighting features, the YouTube Premium subscription also let you access to YouTube Music. You can use YouTube Music to listen to music without ads, play your favorite tunes in the background, and download songs/playlists for offline listening with YouTube Premium plan.

If you’re a student, you can get access to special student pricing for YouTube Premium; $6.99 per month for YouTube Premium and $4.99 per month for YouTube Premium Music. Students who sign up for the service on or before January 31, 2019 can get the YouTube Premium subscription at just $5.99 per month.

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