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Upcoming OnePlus phone will be super fast, may feature UFS 3.0 storage

The upcoming Oneplus device(might be Oneplus 7) is rounding up with numerous leaks just after the launch of recent company’s flagship Oneplus 6T.Now a fresh leak flooded on the internet that next one plus could come with improved storage technology. In recent times, The One plus devices all known for their speed and beasty performance and the next smartphone from the same company is reportedly taking things to the next level.

Oneplus 5g Capable Flagship

According to the latest leak revealed by a renowned tipster IceUniverse on his Twitter account.As per the leak that was posted as a screenshot of a storage benchmark that shows some impressive read and writes speeds. The Screenshot shows the sequential read speed of UFS 3.0 on Androbench reached 2279.9MB/s, while the sequential write speed reached 1801.1MB/s. This is almost twice the speed compared to UFS 2.0.

Universal Flash Storage (UFS) 3.0 which was released back in January 2018 which was not seen any device come with this latest technology. The UFS is not a new thing in the world of technology found in flagship devices from Samsung, OnePlus and Sony. So far, phones have come with UFS 2.0 and now the new Oneplus device could be the first smartphone come with UFS 3.0.

Sadly, The screenshot didn’t reveal any information the storage capacity of this upcoming OnePlus phone. Oneplus devices gradually moved from 64GB to 128GB as the base storage option and the higher capacity option is 256GB. Hope we see more storage capacity in the next generation devices.

To recall, The Oneplus 6T which is equipped with UFS 2.1 boasts a sequential read speed of 734 Mbps and the sequential write speed on the device is 203 Mbps. This means that the upcoming device by the company may have more than double read and write speeds.