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Leaked Video Reveals Xiaomi is Working on Foldable Smartphone

After Samsung, Huawei, Oppo, LG, another Chinese smartphone maker Xiaomi has also joined the league of foldable smartphones. Currently, all these popular manufacturers are building foldable devices, but none of them has unveiled it yet officially. South-korean giant Samsung recently announced the positive news about their foldable phone that could launch in the Samsung Developer Conference (SDC) in San Francisco. Just a while ago, California-based start-up Royole has already launched the world’s first foldable smartphone named as FlexPai.

Officially, Xiaomi has not disclosed any information about its new foldable phone in the recent past, but the popular tipster Evan Blass revealed some details about the Xiaomi’s foldable device. Evan Blass uploaded a video of the Xiaomi foldable phone and the video shows what appears to be a tablet shaped device allegedly made by Chinese maker Xiaomi. The 20-second video shows the person using navigating the whole display of the device to fold back the left and right side of it where it then transforms into a smartphone shaped device.

To claim this foldable smartphone is from Xiaomi, we have some clues. The apps on the second page of the home screen appears to be the Mi App Store, but we also found that the wallpaper seen in the video looks to be one from the standard MIUI 10 library rotated by 90 degrees. The lock screen, status bar and the icons on the home screen appears to be from the Xiaomi’s proprietary MIUI skin.

Meanwhile, in mid-2019, Huawei confirmed the launch of a foldable phone that supports 5G. Samsung Electronics will also launch a folding device, which will be released in January 2019 as the Galaxy F series and another Chinese player OPPO confirmed to launch foldable phone at MWC 2019.